Siding Ideas To Boost Your Curb Appeal

siding ideas

One of the most significant aspects of an attractive house is the siding. As well as providing an attractive exterior to your house, it retains heat. This prevents your house from becoming uncomfortable because of inclement weather. Your home’s siding is the only other component that draws the attention of people after the roof. You will find great siding ideas in this article that will make your home more stylish. You’ll definitely be the talk of the neighborhood with these ideas!

Blending Siding Colors and Materials

Utilizing multiple types of siding as part of an exterior remodeling project is one of the latest trends. There are virtually an infinite number of ways to achieve this look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles, such as using stone siding on some parts of the home with light-colored vinyl siding complementing it. 

The siding of your home can have multiple colors if you wish. You can design your house in a style that fits your style preferences. Make sure that you don’t mix colors inappropriately though, as this can be a big turnoff. Contrasting colors is one of the worst siding ideas.

Vinyl Siding In Cool Tones

You do not have to use bright colors to make your home stand out. Try to utilize cool colors. Classic Victorian houses will look gorgeous with these colors, and you’ll be satisfied with the quality look. For a classic look coupled with a neutral appearance, you can choose vinyl colors such as natural clay. 

Go Rustic

For people who live close to woodland or who seek that aesthetic, rustic-style siding is ideal. You want your house’s siding to match the natural environment outside. If the siding has a wood-like finish, it should resemble and blend with the surrounding environment. 

Though darker-colored rustic siding is becoming more popular, you don’t see it everywhere. Owning it will undoubtedly set your home apart from the competition. A darker color can also serve as a better camouflage for dirt or other imperfections on your home. 

Highlight The Trim

Siding isn’t always the main attraction, even if it covers the majority of a house. In some cases, applying only one color to the walls won’t make your house look stylish. Your home’s visual appeal will be greatly enhanced when the primary color is blended with another color that goes well with it. Choosing a trim color that contrasts flawlessly with your siding color will make it stand out even more. Remember, siding ideas aren’t only about the siding!

Stylish Victorian Siding

Victorian-style siding is another excellent idea for siding. You can increase the appeal and elegance of your house by adding unique siding patterns and trim patterns. Victorian-style homes typically feature this type of ornamentation. Up until the mid-1800s, paints could only be made with natural pigments and linseed oil. Thus, reds and browns were the most common colors used on the exteriors of early Victorian homes. Synthetic pigments were introduced in the 1880s, resulting in vivid purples, greens, and blues painted on Victorian homes. Queen Anne Victorian homes are known for their luxurious three- and four-color paint schemes, which also emphasize distinctive architectural details. Victorian-style homes never go out of style.

Put Your Windows on Display

You can make your home’s windows look larger by framing them with architectural panels that are darker than the color of the siding. This will make the rooms look larger as compared to the overall size of your home. It would be appropriate to use chocolate brown panels as a complement to tan-colored siding, for instance.

Add Stone

Stone is an ideal choice for classic houses, but you can also use it for contemporary designs. It’s versatile and comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures. Consider the color of your home’s stone when choosing your siding color. Choose a color palette that complements the stone color and creates a cohesive look and feel for your home.

Add Some Height

Do you think your house looks too tiny? You can visually increase your house’s height by using siding about 3/4 of the way up the exterior wall of a one-story house. Stucco, or another finishing material that your contractor might recommend, should be applied to the top. 

All White Everything

Among our favorite siding ideas is all white everything. It can be impressive looking even though some homeowners are hesitant to use white siding and white trim. You’ll have a classic and clean look to your home. Black or dark blue roofs will create some contrast. One color that always looks elegant is white.

Final Words

We hope we have inspired some creativity in you regarding your home’s siding. Your home can be transformed in so many ways. Use these siding ideas wisely!

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