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Exterior Color Trends for 2021

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When you’re in the market to upgrade your home’s exterior, you also have the option to change the color of your home. There are so many colors to choose from, and as a result, it can be a little overwhelming. Today, we’re going to share some of the top exterior color trends of 2021 to give you some inspiration. 

Warm Whites

A timeless color that will work with most of the materials used for a home’s exterior siding is a warm, creamy off-white. Warmer whites make for a much softer appearance and can coincide well with complementary colors like blues, browns, and greens. It will make a much less stark contrast against a darker-colored roof. White can also look beautiful when paired with wood accents. Plus, a creamy white will never go out of style and can stand the test of time.


Beige sounds boring, but it’s definitely not. It differs from warmer whites because it still has that warm look, but without leaning towards yellow tints. A beautiful beige is hard to beat. The on-trend beige is usually a bit more grey than yellow. This color has been climbing as a trend for many years, and we think it’s here to stay.

Light Gray

Light gray has become the choice color option as an alternative to beige. It can create a sort of “zen” like feel to your home. A light grey color is on the cooler side and can look beautiful on just about any exterior, from brick to vinyl to wood. It works great with light trims and dark trims. It’s certainly a timeless look that will last for years.

Earth Tones

Earth tones are a great neutral option for people who want to stand out but do not want to go towards dark, drastic colors. An earthy green or brown can absolutely work as a trim or accent color, but we continue to see homes with full earth green exteriors and off-white trim and we love it! This color scheme works great for lake homes with that soft sandy look.

Dark Blue

Dark blue has been a huge trend for people turning their older homes more modern. Dark blue is edgy and will definitely make your home stand out. It is so beautiful with surrounding landscaping and with white trim to make the dark blue contrast pop. It’s a splendid choice for people who want to integrate a non-neutral color into their home’s exterior. There really aren’t a lot of rules needed for playing with dark blue!

Pale Blue

On the complete opposite side of dark blue, is pale blue. Pale blue works beautifully with green or white accents. You can even pair it with black or dark blue trims and soffit to give a bold look while maintaining a less risky color on your exterior siding. If you want a color that isn’t white or beige but still has a pop of color, pale blue is an ideal choice.

Brown (or Bronze!)

Brown is trending! Some people’s first reaction to brown siding might be “gross”, but leaning more towards a more bronze color can lighten up that brown and give it a gorgeous woodsy look, without completely going to the dark side. Bronze gives almost a slight gold tint to your home and works great for homes surrounded by a lot of shrubbery and landscaping. It also looks great with bronze accessories like doorknobs and light fixtures. Another great option is to pair your bronze with black and white accents for a very modern look.


Pewter can be like bronze, but it’s lighter and leans more towards green hues than brown. It’s unique and works super well with natural wood accents and trim. This siding color can give your home that cabin appeal, but with a very modern twist.

Dark Gray

As we shift onto darker colors on this list, dark gray is one that we absolutely love to see as one of the hottest exterior color trends. Modern home builds are popping up everywhere in darker shades of gray that give it such a robust, elegant appeal. Dark gray is perfect if you want to combine it with other lighter colors to create dimension. It works with almost any color of door, trim, and deck. A natural wooden porch with dark gray siding is also absolutely gorgeous.


If dark gray just isn’t dark enough for you, homeowners are choosing black siding or black accents to give dimension to their home’s exterior. Thinking of painting your red bricks on your house? Why not try black? Black brick is so timeless and won’t wear and get dirty like a white brick wall. And it can work with your pale blue siding, dark blue siding, and even beige. Another one of the hottest trends we’ve seen in the last few years is black accents and we don’t see it going anywhere soon. 

High Contrast

Finally, let’s talk about high contrast colors. We’ve subtly mentioned combining dark colors with light trim in the above trending colors, but it’s one of our favorite ways to modernize a home. Some outstanding examples of high contrast colors include dark blue siding with white trim, black siding with a light wood board-and-batten accent, or even a bright red door on your beige house. 

Stark contrasts make your home’s exterior stand out in the best way possible. You can boost curb appeal, transform your home from outdated to modern in a flash, and make your neighbors jealous of your bold and trendy choices!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these trends have given you some ideas. Whether you are redesigning your home’s exterior because it’s outdated, it was damaged in a storm, or you just want to boost your curb appeal before you sell, have fun with it. Some types of vinyl siding can easily be painted for a fresh update to your home’s exterior. From bold statements to safe neutral colors, changing your home’s exterior can drastically change how you feel about your home. With some of the more bold choices, like black and dark blue, the entire mood of your home can change for the better. It almost feels like you got a brand new home! If you’re ready to take the first step to redesign your home’s exterior, call us at 636-699-0449.