How To Increase Your Resale Value With Painted Siding


The appearance of a home isn’t everything, but it is significant, especially when it comes to its resale value. When you are thinking about listing your house, siding replacement is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make. Curb appeal plays an instrumental role in attracting potential buyers and sending the right message about your home. However, how much does siding color affect resale value?

We will explore siding color and resale value in greater detail.

What Effect Can Siding Colors Have on Resale Value?

The exterior colors of your house can affect its curb appeal and its resale value. It doesn’t matter where you live or what market you are in. If you have gorgeous siding and accent colors and top curb appeal, you will be able to sell your home for a higher price.

The right color of siding for resale depends on many factors and is very broad. There is no right answer for everyone. You should take various factors into account when choosing a siding color.

Color Considerations

When you plan to live in your house for a long time, you can’t go wrong with a siding color you love. Even if they don’t anticipate selling their home anytime soon, many homeowners do consider the possibility that they may wish to do so in the future. Nobody wants a difficult-to-sell home, especially since the future is unpredictable! 

If you’re looking for a siding replacement color, off-white or lighter neutral shades are a smart choice. The use of grays can create a classic look, while browns and beige shades can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Consider the following factors when choosing siding replacement services for your home based on resale value:

The Home’s Architecture

The color of siding can be greatly influenced by an architectural style, even though it is less true for modern homes than for older ones. In Craftsman-style homes, you will want to stick to original colors, typically earth tones. Victorian homes, on the other hand, often use brighter colors. 

The Neighborhood It’s In

Home sales tend to be faster for homes that are well integrated with their surroundings. To find inspiration for a siding replacement, take a look at similar homes in your neighborhood.

Homeowner’s Association Requirements

homeowner’s association may dictate what colors you can and cannot use in a neighborhood. Ensure you adhere to these rules. Otherwise, you may incur fines.

What are the most desirable siding colors for resale value?

Brown Tones

If you’re looking to increase the resale value of your home, brown siding is certainly one of your most ideal choices. It is even possible to get more for your home than the top-level properties on the market. Nevertheless, you should avoid going too dark. Keep your lighting a bit above mid-tone. Using this method, you can still experiment with dark and light colors around the siding. Natural colors complement each other perfectly.

Shades of Gray

Today, almost any hue of gray is acceptable. The color looks great in homes of all sizes and styles. It also looks great with many other colors. When paired with masonries such as stone or red brick, gray siding can be particularly stunning. It also looks great when it is accented with natural colors.

It’s nearly impossible to go awry with gray since it’s such a versatile neutral. As a result, it is regarded as one of the most popular siding colors.

Gorgeous Blues

When it comes to siding color, blue is an excellent option if you’re ready for your home to sell for the most money. Aside from looking stylish with white trim, a huge trend right now, it also looks good with red bricks, which are always in fashion.

It’s also lovely to pair earth tones with blue. A wood front door stained in a warm color and a hardwood deck add a stylish touch to a home with blue siding. Using a color scheme like this won’t deter potential buyers.

We recommend sticking to mid-tones when choosing a shade of blue. We also suggest a blue that is a bit grayish. Gray pairs well with pretty much everything!

Neutral, Light Colors

For resale, tan siding is a wise choice. White trim looks great with tan siding. Lighter shades allow all those other colorful accents to shine through.

White Tones

When it comes to resale value, white siding is a safe choice. It is timeless. You can pair it with anything since it is such a neutral color. Select your color scheme carefully when you have white siding.

White is such a neutral color that it needs other colors to make it stand out. Red brick and real stone are great additions to make the white stand out.

Grassy Neutral Greens

An attractive siding color for your home is green, but the hue should be neutral and muted in tone. Bold colors or bright tones will turn people off. Bright colors should be used sparingly, such as for accents.

Avoid These Colors

Now that we’ve discussed some of our favorite siding colors for resale, let’s discuss some of the colors to avoid. All of these may seem clear, but you’d be amazed how many people use them. Colors like these tend to drive potential buyers away and kill resale value.

Here are some colors to avoid when choosing an exterior color:


No! Do not think about it unless you’re in a city like New Orleans where bright colors like orange siding would fit in. This is the case for nearly every color in this list. Colors of siding that impact resale value are not universally appealing.

Bright Blue

It’s usually poor taste to choose a color with the word “bright” in its title. Muted tones of blue are best.


In the past, purple has been used very effectively, but it is more of an accent color than a proper main siding color. This will vary depending on the area. In New Orleans or San Francisco’s famed “Painted Ladies,” purple is very appropriate.


This one is tough even among the other bright colors. This could be location-specific, but it generally just does not look good.


Yes, there really are people who desire a black façade on their homes. You’ll feel the effect at resale if you do this. Black houses aren’t appealing to buyers.


This one is also highly location-specific. The pastels may work by the beach, but in most places, they turn off potential visitors.

Final Thoughts

When picking siding colors for resale, think about what’s suitable for the area, the home’s style, and what most homebuyers would prefer. Try not to turn off buyers by using a color that’s strange or noticeable for the wrong reasons. In addition to being something you love, your home also needs to draw a range of possible buyers when it’s time to sell.

Think about siding your home before you list it for sale, or just want a small facelift for your house? Then think about choosing one of these incredible siding colors. Call us at (636) 699-0449 today to get started!