Fun Ways To Improve Your Home's Exterior

Your home’s exterior adds value to your home. Summer is right around the corner, so when is a better time to spruce up the outside of your home? Here are some fun ways to improve your home’s exterior.

Add Shutters or Accent Trim

Shutters and accent trim add a layer of beauty and curb appeal to your home. House shutters control light and ventilation, and provide security. Exterior shutters can be made from wood, aluminum, vinyl, composite, or fiberglass.

Replace Gutters and Downspouts

Replacing your gutters and downspouts not only adds appeal, but helps your roof to function better. If you have an older gutter system, it probably has peeling paints and rust spots. New snap-fit vinyl gutters are a great option to look into because they go together with few tools and require no painting. Copper gutters are a pricier option, but they portray a look of quality and excellent curb appeal. 

Add a Covered Entrance 

A covered entrance can add extra curb appeal to the exterior of your home. It is also wonderful when you’re trying to get in your house in the middle of a rainstorm. If you have the money and space, consider adding a large porch that fits with the style of your home. A spruced up porch is one of the great ways to improve your home’s exterior.

Change the Door

Your front door makes a big impact. The entry is the main focal point of your home. Change your door style to something that incorporates glass to let in more light, or one that more matches the architectural style of your home. If you don’t want to get a new door, a fresh coat of paint or new hardware can make a world of difference. Regularly clean your door knobs to keep them shining. 

Hang Window Boxes 

Window boxes are so charming! They offer a fast and easy way to bring color and charm to the exterior of your home. For a traditional look, choose boxes made from copper or ion. Painted wood gives off a more cottage feel. Take the time to find window boxes that are well suited to the style of your home. 

Add a Gate

A beautiful fence can add some pizzazz to the exterior of your home. A wood fence with a gate, accompanied by landscaping around the gate, draws the eye in. A gate and a fence are just some ways to improve your home’s exterior.

Adding an arbor over your new gate is another way to add beauty to your home. Climbing roses or another fragrant plant with lighting nestled in creates a magical effect at night. 

Redo or Dress Up the Driveway

Your driveway can take a beating and look bad, or because it simply does not match the overall style of your home. Cleaning any stains and cleaning any vegetation sprouting from it right away is the best way to maintain your driveway. Dress it up by staining the concrete, or add stone or brick to the sides of the driveway. If your driveway is too far gone, a new one is a good option. Brick, masonry or stained concrete all make for beautiful and durable driveways. 

Dress Up Garage Doors 

If your garage doors are easily visible from the street, they should match your home’s architecture. Painting the garage to match the rest of the house can make a big difference. Adding lighting to the sides of the garage also looks great. For more of an investment, consider replacing the garage doors.

Upgrade Railings

Porch and stoop railings can deteriorate quickly if not treated properly. If your railings are past their prime, look for quality wood or metal components to replace the existing material and improve curb appeal. Make sure the color, design, details and material are compatible with the home’s architectural styles and features. 

Renew Paint, Siding, and Trim

An exterior update transforms the look of a home. Maintenance of the exterior is the best way to keep your home and curb appeal great. Fresh paint, siding, and trim details are simple ways to spruce the exterior up. Cracked or rotting material or chipped paint downgrade the aesthetic of your home quickly. 

Tile Your Doorstep

A fun way to add character to your home is by tiling your doorstep. Create a permanent welcome mat by tiling or painting a design on your doorstep. Select a tile that is appropriate for outdoor use. If you are installing tile on sealed concrete, you’ll need to grind the surface down before starting. 

Build a Walkway

Walkways can make your home feel warm and inviting. If you have a straight concrete path, you can replace it with a contoured walkway made of stone and brick. You can also apply a covered concrete resurfacer to the walkway. Edging your walkway with brick borders is another elegant way to spruce up your walkway. 

Choose the Right Roof

A roof can add or detract from your home’s curb appeal. If you’re looking into putting a new roof on your home, obviously consider the practical options first. However, once you’ve married that down, it’s worth it to pick a material and hue that works best with the style and color of your home. 

Replace Old Hardware

Upgrading hardware on your house can add a ton to your home. House numbers, the doorknobs and handles, the mailbox, and overhead light fixtures are all elements that add style and interest to your home’s exterior. Hardware is a cheap and quick way to change the look of your home. Bronze finishes are typically suited best for traditional homes, while brushed nickel suits more contemporary homes, but it’s up to you and what style you want for your home. 

Add Outdoor Seating 

Comfortable furniture on the porch adds a welcoming touch to add to the exterior of your home. Rocking chairs or even small chairs and a table on a porch encourage guests to sit and stay awhile. 

Install Outdoor Lighting

Low voltage outdoor lighting makes a tremendous impact on your home’s curb appeal while also adding safety and security to your home. Fixtures can illuminate your walking path, or add accent lighting to your trees. For the best landscape lighting, incorporate a variety of fixtures and lighting types. Installing solar fixtures is another fun option for outdoor lighting.

Traditional gas or electric lanterns are impressive additions to the sides of your front doors and look great on farm homes and colonial style houses. 

Create a Garden

Gardens add a welcoming feel and fun pops of color to any home exterior. Create your own garden with your favorite plants or buy ready-made containers from garden centers. If you have an existing garden, be sure to prune growth, pull weeds, and plant flowers. New mulch can restore color taken away by the winter weather or sunlight. 

Prime spots for gardening areas in your yard are the front corners, along driveways, and in front of the house. Choose features that will frame your home. Use bright, bold hues to create a big impact. 

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