The Advantages Of Vinyl Siding

vinyl siding

If you’re looking to upgrade your home with some remodeling, vinyl siding pays off. Adding new siding to your home is at the top of the list of projects with a good return on investment. The benefits of vinyl siding are many. We listed just a few for you. 

  • Low Maintenance

If you are choosing siding for your home, consider how much maintenance it will require. Vinyl siding requires the least maintenance of many types of siding. There is barely any regular upkeep required. Once it’s installed, you are ready. You do have to clean it once per year to keep it working at its best, but it’s really simple to do. You just need to hose it down. If there are any stubborn stains, you can also scrub them off with a nonabrasive cleaner before hosing them off. Use ammonia-based cleaners to clean off any mold or mildew. Do not use a pressure washer under any circumstances to clean your siding.

Because of the material, you won’t ever have to paint your house. It is also resistant to pests like termites and issues like rot. This means it will last for years with little maintenance. 

  • Financially Friendly

Another reason many homeowners choose vinyl siding is that it’s cost-effective. It costs less than wood or bricks. Not only is installation significantly cheaper than other alternatives, but you also get more for your money in the long term. According to CostHelper, professionally installed vinyl siding can cost you between $2,500-$8,750 for 1,250 square feet, while professionally installed wood siding can cost you $6,500-$10,000 for the same square footage. 

You also have to factor in the cost of maintenance and repairs. As mentioned above, vinyl is remarkably low maintenance, meaning you won’t have to worry about costs that will come up down the road.

  • Durable

One reason that vinyl siding is so outstanding, low maintenance, and cost-effective is its durability. They create it to withstand elements from heavy winds to hail. It is dent-resistant, so it will be nearly unaffected by harsh wind conditions. It is also resistant to excessive amounts of moisture, which prevents rotting, corrosion, and mold. It also won’t warp or rust, and you won’t have to worry about insect damage, either. Siding made with vinyl often comes with a lifetime warranty to back up its claims. That warranty can even be prorated for 50 years so future owners can be protected, as well. 

  • Can Save You Money on Heating and Cooling

Not only will vinyl save you money from the cost of the product itself, but installing it will also save you money on utilities. Insulated vinyl siding prevents heat loss. They call this process thermal bridging. This means that even if your home has another form of insulation, heat can be lost where wall studs contact any exterior siding.

Insulated siding is like adding a protective blanket over the wall studs. This means your home will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Other types of siding can also lead to gaps and cracks that allow both warm and cool air to escape.

Homes with insulated vinyl siding can be eligible for energy credits on your taxes, saving you even more money. 

  • Versatile and Comes In Many Styles

Another reason we adore vinyl siding is that they can make it look like any other siding. This type of siding offers an extensive variety of options to personalize your home. Modern siding is so convincing that only you will know the difference. This kind of siding comes in just about every color, texture, style, and profile imaginable. You can even find it made to look like stone and cedar! If you think you can’t get the look you want, think again.

  • Adds Curb Appeal

Installing new vinyl siding can increase your home’s curb appeal and can add value to your home. If you’re looking to have the best-looking home on the block, then this is a great option for you. It won’t peel, flake, chip, or show scratches. 

Redoing the exterior of your house might seem overwhelming at first, but the return on investment is well worth the cost. This is a low-cost way to transform your home.

  • Installation is Easy

Installation is much easier than its alternatives. Because of this, homeowners save both time and money on installation. It’s easy to install because it is usually lightweight and easy to carry. It also usually comes with pre-drilled holes. This makes it easy to fit the vinyl on studs. Installing other types of siding can cause long, drawn-out installation processes and more money out of your pocket.

If you want the job done quickly and easily, opt for vinyl siding. While it’s easy to install, we still recommend hiring a professional to do the job. Only they are properly trained for the job.

  • Retains Color

Since the color goes all the way through the material, it won’t fade. There are over 300 siding colors that meet or exceed industry performance test standards for color retention. This means the color cannot be scratched off or stripped.

  • Environmentally Friendly

If you’re looking for environmental friendliness, vinyl siding has a lower environmental impact throughout its life cycle than other kinds of siding. It has a significantly lower impact on global warming than most other exterior cladding products. Scraps of vinyl can even be recycled. 

Final Words

A great option for many homeowners, vinyl siding is the best way to go when you want to change up the look of your home. It is cost-effective, durable, and can be made to look like any type of siding you want. If you are ready for a siding transformation on your home, call us at 636-699-0449.