Santa And Your Roof - Can He Fit?


Christmas Eve is just around the corner! In the meantime, your kids might be worried about how Santa is planning to deliver their gifts on Christmas Eve. As a matter of fact, there are nearly 396 million houses to visit within a couple of hours. Therefore, it’s much better to have a smooth landing zone ready on your roof. Your child should be assured that his or her house is Santa-ready, especially when it comes to the roof’s ability to accommodate Santa’s sleigh.

Let’s start by setting the stage. Once Santa’s sleigh is loaded with toys, it weighs over 350,000 tons. Fortunately, Christmas magic makes it feel as light as a feather. He travels about 650 miles per second, so you don’t even notice he’s at your house for very long. 

With so many homes to visit, it is critical to keep your roof in excellent condition. This way, he can drop off gifts easily when it’s your turn! Make sure your roof is ready as soon as possible!

Santa’s arrival and departure on Christmas Eve can be made as successful as possible by following these tips:

First, perform a visual inspection.

Inspecting your roof visually is the first step. Check for damaged or missing shingles. Check your roof to see if any portions are sagging. Do you notice any unevenness? Then you should contact your roofing professional right away.

Let us take care of the inspection so you don’t have to put yourself through all of this hassle!

Make sure your chimney is working!

There has to be a way for Santa to get in. To ensure that he can get through your chimney without any problems, thoroughly check it. Check the flashings. Examine the mortar for cracks. Check whether any tuckpointing is necessary.

Clean your chimney while you’re at it. A clean fireplace is a nice way to welcome Santa!

Make sure your gutters are clear.

Cleaning your gutters before Christmas is a very smart idea. You don’t want Santa’s reindeer nibbling on leaves and debris as they wait for him. Additionally, you should ensure that gutters are properly installed to the roof.

Be sure to fix any problems you notice.

Ensure that you fix any loose shingles or tiles before Santa arrives. You do not want Santa or the reindeer to fall during landing or when they leave.

Make a runway out of Christmas lights! 

You should limit the lights to the perimeter only, though. Make sure that the lights are not nailed or stapled directly on your shingles. Doing so could cause you to have a roof leak later on. It’s also advisable to make sure you don’t hang too many decorations on your roof. There should be plenty of room for the reindeer and their sleigh to land and take off without causing any damage to your holiday decorations.

It is okay to leave snow or ice on your roof.

There is no need to remove any snow, sleet, or ice from your roof on Christmas Eve. Winter is Santa’s real environment, and his sled and reindeers are made to withstand snow and ice.

Make sure that ice dams do not form on your roof.

Insulation issues and poor ventilation commonly cause ice dams. A badly insulated roof, for instance, can cause warm air to circulate into the attic, melting snow, then causing that water to freeze in better-insulated parts of the building. These dams can be a significant burden on your roof and gutters. Water that freezes in clogged gutters can, in some extreme cases, weigh them down to such an extent that they come loose from the house and fall. As a result, property damage may ensue. You can call us for help in identifying the cause of your ice dams and repairing them.

Santa loves solar – and knows how to work around it!

Solar energy has a special place in Santa’s heart. While it may seem like he would be competing with all those panels for roof space, the truth is far from this. Thanks to some inside information, we know the exact opposite is true. The question is how he manages it. Could that be a part of his Christmas magic?

Final Thoughts

Remember to follow all safety procedures when inspecting your roof or hanging holiday decorations. Do not slow your season down with injuries! As always, give us a call today at (636) 699-0449 for a free estimate.