Our Favorite Holiday Light Ideas

holiday lights

‘Tis the season to decorate for the holidays! Today we will explore more of our favorite holiday light styles and ideas.

If you are decorating your roof for the holidays, never nail lights on your roof and follow all safety protocols. 

Light Up The Holidays With These Styles

Holiday lights come in a variety of styles. The possibilities are endless for creating a unique and beautiful light show.

Icicle Lights

Lights like this are one of the most popular rooftop decorations, as they look like icicles without the drama of actual snow and ice. Different lengths and colors are available for these lights. Ensure that your icicle lights do not interfere with your doors and windows. You can’t go wrong with these icicle lights. They add a heavenly sparkle to any house when you turn them on.

Raindrop Lights

Raindrop lights are relatively new. These lights resemble individual icicles. A string of lights can be too overwhelming in some areas, so use raindrop lights instead. It’s easy to light up different areas of your home with raindrop lights. Put them on your mailbox or around a bush, for example.

Small String Lights

It has to be said that these are the most prominent lights for Christmas trees! Although they are suitable for indoor use, they are not as suitable for outdoor use since they don’t emit a lot of light. You may also be interested in small energy-saving bulbs if that is something that is important to you.

Large Bulb Lights

Lighting with large bulbs makes a greater statement but consumes more energy. Many styles and colors are available. Shapes such as hearts and snowflakes are also available. Since they are big, any decoration you make with them will be apparent from a distance.

Wide-Angle LED Lights

LED lights just aren’t bright enough for some people. No judgement here. Lighting designers designed these lights to cast the light to the side in order to make it appear brighter without consuming more energy. If you want a brighter display but don’t want to use too much energy, these lights are a brilliant choice.

RGB LED Lights

If you are looking to match your holiday roof lights to a wreath, a statue of a reindeer, or another piece of decor, these lights should be your go-to. With over 16 million colors available, you can program them to match your specific needs. Several colors, including brown and pink, may be harder to program with these lights.

Rope Lights

Lights built right into thick plastic tubes are called rope lights. You don’t have to secure each bulb individually since they can easily be wrapped around things or bent into fun shapes. They can be used to decorate your favorite tree trunks or make fun decorations on your lawn. As a result of being sent in all directions, the light coming from these lights is not very bright. It is better to use them as accent lights rather than your key lights.

The Best Holiday Lighting Ideas

Your rooftop holiday lights offer the perfect opportunity to achieve the holiday ambiance you want. Anyone walking into your home during the holidays will notice the lights. How are they going to feel? You can make your holiday light display style your own with these tips.

Single Rows Of Lights

Don’t feel the need to cover your entire roof with Christmas lights, or climb dangerously high to set up an impressive display. You don’t need lights on the second floor of your house to make it look good. Rather than putting lights on the roof, many homeowners choose to decorate their second-story windows with lights or wreaths. Simple designs make your lights stand out.

Simple Roof Or Window Outlines

Some people may choose to light only outline the roof or windows for their holiday displays. It captures the silhouette of the roof and makes it look like it is from a magical storybook. Consider doing a simple outline in a single color or mixing a few different colors.

Symmetry Matters

A common element of all great holiday light displays is that they feature a central focal point and use symmetry to really make that central focus stand out. The front door is often the focal point of the display. It is not uncommon for people to place a wreath on their door or wrap lights around their pillars. A holiday light roof display without a focal point or too many focal points can become overwhelming quickly.

In addition, some houses have an asymmetrical design. Your display may be unbalanced if your roof lights are unbalanced. What is the best way to balance your lights? Take a step back and really look at your home. If one side appears heavier or fuller, remove something from the heavy side and add something to the lighter side. Your display will look balanced and complete.


Holiday roof lights come in a variety of colors. While some people embrace color, others point their noses up at the thought of anything but white. What is your preference?

If you are using a multi-colored strand, make sure all the colors are the same shade. If that’s not possible, use a multi-colored strand and pair it with a single-colored strand that matches one of the other colors. 

You can’t go wrong with red, green, and white lights for your holiday displays. Use non-traditional colors sparingly, such as orange, purple, and pink. People have different opinions about blue – some consider it a traditional color, others do not. 

In the end, it’s up to you how it looks. It’s your roof, after all!

Final Thoughts

Remember to follow all safety guidelines when doing your decorating to ensure you have a safe holiday season. Call us at (636) 699-0449 if a new roof is on your wishlist!