DIY Vs Professional Roofing

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We’ve all set up new home projects in our minds for a future DIY project. However, your home DIY project may not meet your standards. More than half of 2,000 homeowners surveyed said they found their DIY projects are more challenging and time-consuming than they thought they would be. Some DIYs can be outstanding and look even better. But doing a roof yourself is not recommended. You risk damaging your home or even injuring yourself. Here are several reasons to hire a professional over starting a DIY roof repair project. 

  • Professionals Have Experience

A roof is complex, and a professional roofing company knows this. These roofers are trained to understand roof systems and install them properly. Typically certified by a state or roofing association before they start work, you can guarantee that a roofer is going to know more about installing a roof and all its parts correctly. 

Everything that someone needs to know about repairing or replacing a roof isn’t something they can just pick up from a book in one weekend. Homeowners fail to notice things that make a big impact on your roof, like the underlayment below the shingle or appropriately sized nails for the job. Minor mistakes can cause enormous problems with your roof and the very structure of your home. 

  • They Have Liability and Insurance

Your home insurance is not likely to cover any damage you do to your roof trying to repair it with the proper knowledge and skill. This means any damage will have to be paid out of pocket. Professional roofers are a lot less likely to make mistakes and they will repair any mistakes that they make, without charging additional fees. By choosing a professional, you get to feel safer by relying on their insurance to handle any claims. 

If you have received funds from your insurance company to repair your roof after a storm, be sure to check with a lawyer and your insurance company before using those funds to do a DIY repair. Some states have different rules and some insurance companies won’t pay any further after the homeowner decides on choosing a do-it-yourself approach. 

  • They Offer Warranties

When you hire a professional roofer, you are likely to be covered by warranties. Typically, you are covered by two – one from the roofer for labor and one from the shingle manufacturer for product defects. If you attempt a DIY roof repair, the roofer’s warranty will not cover you. 

Furthermore, this usually voids the warranty from the manufacturer as well. Manufacturers require that their products be installed correctly, under their application instructions and applicable building code requirements in order to be eligible for limited warranty coverage. 

  • Roofers Have The Tools Needed

You may be considering a DIY roofing job in the hopes it will save you money. However, it is unlikely to save you anything and may end up costing more than hiring a professional roofing contractor. A slight mistake can cost so much more down the road. 

Professional roofing companies have the proper tools needed to install a new roof and everything that comes with it. These tools are expensive to buy or rent. For example, a nail gun may be rented out for a hundred dollars a day. You also will need an extension ladder, safety harnesses, and more. 

Additionally, homeowners doing a do-it-yourself job may be unprepared to buy the correct amount of materials. In fact, they may even have to buy more materials than needed, based on packaging and a professional being able to use those shingles on other jobs.  

If you can’t afford repairs, it is still best to contact a professional roofer instead of doing it yourself. If you explain your situation, a roofing company may offer you cost savings. Financing options or cheaper ways to repair your roof may be available. Checking with your bank is also a good idea to see if they offer loans for home improvements.  

DIY roofing also lowers your home value. Home inspectors will notice any damage or mistakes, and buyers aren’t as interested in homes that a warranty no longer covers. 

  • DIY Takes Time

Homeowners often underestimate how long it will take them to complete their roof repairs. Roofing delays can cause issues, much more than any issues on a delayed painted front door. 

Furthermore, when you are working on your roof, a part of it is exposed to the elements. While you can cover with a tarp, it does not offer the amount of protection necessary. You can’t just leave it until next weekend. Even sunlight exposure can damage roofing materials. 

A professional roofing company will work a lot faster than you can. This also reduces the roof’s exposure to the weather. 

  • There Are Safety Hazards

Roofing is dangerous work. Thousands of roofers suffer injuries each year. The biggest risk is falling off of a ladder or off of the roof. The typical homeowner doesn’t have the required training to be working at heights and typically forgets the proper safety equipment as well. 

It is not safe to walk on your roof, especially when it needs repairs. Even if you are comfortable or certified to work at heights, you may still underestimate the risks of carrying the equipment and tools up a ladder to your roof. Shingles are heavy, plywood can easily knock you off balance. Without proper training, walking on a roof can cause more damage than the damage you are attempting to fix. 

Falling isn’t the only safety risk you face. Few homeowners know how to use the specialized equipment that professional roofers use, like nail guns. It is possible to nail your hand to the roof with one if you aren’t properly trained. 

Also, improper roof repairs may create unsafe conditions in your home, including serious leaks.

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Overall, it’s best to hire a professional roofer instead of attempting a do-it-yourself roof repair. If you try to repair or replace it on your own, you risk damaging it, your home, and even yourself. It is more cost-friendly to hire a professional roofing company rather than do it yourself, as well. If you need roofing work done, call us at 636-699-0449 today.